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PagingAgent only works on paging component. When listbox, grid, and tree are in "paging" mold, they all have one paging component inside of them as shown in the image below:


You don't need to add paging component in a ZUL explicitly because it's auto-created. Query it by selector syntax and convert it to a PagingAgent to switch to a specific page. You should pass in a page index (start from zero) instead of page number (start from one).

The following code demonstrates the usage:

		ComponentAgent paging = desktop.query("listbox > paging");;

		paging = desktop.query("grid > paging");;

		paging = desktop.query("tree > paging");;

		paging = desktop.query("paging");;

Supported Components

Paging 5, 6

Last Update : 2022/01/18

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