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  • Available for ZK:
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[Since 8.6.0]


Organigram is a component for showing organizational chart by using tree data structure, it also support TreeModel to hold data, Organigram only accept one Orgchildren as child, developers can put Orgchildren, Orgitem and Orgnode in Organigram to display data.

Organigram supports Client Render on Demand

Browser Support

  • For IE, this component only supports 11+, it is based on CSS Flexbox, please check browser compatibility before using it.


Organigram example.png

	<organigram width="600px">
			<orgitem label="Item1">
					<orgitem label="Item2">
							<orgitem label="Item3"/>
							<orgitem label="Item4">
									<orgitem label="Item5"/>
					<orgitem label="Item6">
							<orgitem label="Item7"/>
							<orgitem label="Item8"/>

Organigram example2.png

		DefaultTreeNode root = new DefaultTreeNode(null, new DefaultTreeNode[]{
			new DefaultTreeNode("Item1", new DefaultTreeNode[]{
				new DefaultTreeNode("Item2"), new DefaultTreeNode("Item3"), new DefaultTreeNode("Item4")
		DefaultTreeModel model = new DefaultTreeModel(root);
		model.addOpenPath(new int[]{0});
	<organigram width="600px" model="${model}"/>

you can also render Organigram with your customized Renderer and Template, please refer to:

Organigram Template

Organigram Renderer


Organigram supports single selection, Orgitem can be selected by users clicking or by programing:

Organigram.setSelectedItem(Orgitem) , Orgitem.setSelected(Boolean).

When an Orgitem is selected, the onSelect event will sent back to the server to notify the application, you can call Organigram.getSelectedItem() to get the selected Orgitem.


Organigram selection.png

	<organigram width="600px" onSelect="Clients.log(self.getSelectedItem().getLabel())">
			<orgitem label="Item1">
					<orgitem label="Item2"/>
					<orgitem label="Item3" selected="true"/>
					<orgitem label="Item4"/>

Supported Events

Event Type
Event: SelectEvent

Notifies one that the user has selected a new item in the organigram.

Supported Children

* Orgchildren

Version History

Last Update : 2018/11/8

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