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  • Java API: SwipeEvent
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Represents an event that indicates swipe on a component and provides information about the swipe displacement, duration, and direction.


SwipeEvent Example.PNG

The swipe event can be registered in any component which can be swiped by user on tablet devices.

<tabbox height="300px" width="300px">
		<tab label="tab 1" />
			<attribute name="onSwipe"><![CDATA[
				SwipeEvent se = (SwipeEvent) event;
				lbl1.setValue("Horizontal: " + se.getSwipeX() + "px");
				lbl2.setValue("Vertical: " + se.getSwipeY() + "px");
				lbl3.setValue("Duration: " + se.getSwipeDuration() + " milliseconds");
				lbl4.setValue("Direction: " + se.getSwipeDirection());
				Swipe information
				<label id="lbl1"/>
				<label id="lbl2"/>
				<label id="lbl3"/>
				<label id="lbl4"/>

Supported events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children


Use cases

Version Description Example Location

Version History

Version Date Content
6.5.0 July, 2012 ZK Client Widget support swipe event for tablet/mobile device

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