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<init-crash-script>javascript function assigned to window.zkShowCrashMessage</init-crash-script>
[Default: see crashmsg.js]
[Since ZK 7.0.4]

It specifies how to customize crash message when initiation by writing a javascript function which is assigned to window.zkShowCrashMessage.

For example,

	    window.zkShowCrashMessage = function (code) {
	    	var h2 = '<h2 style="background: rgb(1,133,174); text-align: center; ' 
	    			+ 'color: white; width: 700px; margin: 0 auto;">';
		    var msg = 'Ooooops!! ErrorCode: ' + code;
		    h2 = h2 + msg + '</h2>'; = 'rgb(1,133,174)';
		    document.body.innerHTML = h2;
  • Line 2, 6: The error code will be passed as parameter, and then user can take it for further manipulation.

Error Code

The error code has 5 values:

  1. zk before mounting error
  2. zk mounting error
  3. zk after mounting error
  4. user script error
  5. server no response error

Version History

Last Update : 2020/5/19

Version Date Content
7.0.4 November, 2014 ZK-2495: When ZK init page, the loading animation runs in a endless loop

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