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[Since 5.0.5]
[Default: a message called MZk.UPDATE_OBSOLETE_PAGE defined in]

It specifies the message to show when the session is timeout. Notice that it is used only if the timeout-uri element is not specified.

	<timeout-message>Session timeout. Please reload.</timeout-message>

For more information, please refer to ZK Developer's Reference/UI Patterns/Session Timeout Management.


If you want to specify a Locale-dependent message, you could specify the key and prefix it with label: as follows.


Then, you have to prepare the zk-label properties files as described in ZK Developer's Reference.
Session timeout.
(multi-line is allowed)


Instead of sending the message, you could provide the JavaScript code for the client to evaluate. To specify the JavaScript code, you have to prefix it with script:.

For example, you have a function called foo.timeout to handle the timeout effect, then you could configure WEB-INF/zk.xml as follows.

	<timeout-message>script:foo.timeout('Session Timeout')</timeout-message>

The code depends on the client. For Ajax devices, it has to be JavaScript.

Version History

Last Update : 2012/2/10

Version Date Content
5.0.5 October 2010 The support of Custom Message and JavaScript was introduced.

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