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[Default: null]
[since 8.0.2]

It specifies the class that is used to create a file item for fileupload or null to use the default. The class must implement the DiskFileItemFactory interface.

For example,

public class Foo implements DiskFileItemFactory {
	public FileItem createItem(String fieldName, String contentType,
			boolean isFormField, final String fileName, int sizeThreshold,
			File repository) {
		// make this upload file to store into a customized directory.
		return new DiskFileItem(fieldName, contentType, isFormField, fileName, sizeThreshold, repository) {
			protected File getTempFile() {
				return new File("/Users/foo/mypath/" + fileName);

	public Media createMedia(FileItem fi, String contentType,
			String fileName, boolean isNative) {
		try {
			return fi.isInMemory() ? new AImage(fileName, fi.get()) :
					new AImage(fileName, fi.getInputStream());

		} catch (Exception e) {
			// e.printStackTrace();
		return null;

Version History

Last Update : 2016/2/24

Version Date Content
8.0.2 2016/2/17 The element is introduced.

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