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For ease of maintenance, we used to create another Java class to handle data accessing jobs.

  1. Create
 package events;

 import java.util.Date;
 import java.util.List;

 import org.hibernate.Session;
 import org.zkoss.zkplus.hibernate.HibernateUtil;

 public class EventDAO {
     Session currentSession() {
         return HibernateUtil.currentSession();
     public void saveOrUpdate(Event anEvent, String title, Date date) {
         Session sess =  currentSession();
     public void delete(Event anEvent) {
         Session sess =  currentSession();
     public Event findById(Long id) {
         Session sess =  currentSession();
         return (Event) sess.load(Event.class, id);
     public List findAll() {
         Session sess =  currentSession();
         return sess.createQuery("from Event").list();
  1. You have to compile the Java source, and place the class file in a directory called classes in the Web development folder, and in its correct package. (ex.$myApp/WEB-INF/classes/event/EventDAO.class)

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