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JBoss Seam is a powerful application framework for build web applications by unifying and integrating JSF, Ajax4jsf, EJB3 etc. Although Seam is powerful, but it is binding the presentation layout with JSF and Ajax4jsf.

Now, we provide a way to integrate ZK with Seam, so you can use ZK component to cooperate with Seam's context includes EJBs and JavaBeans. In this article, we will show you a "SayHello" example by Seam first, and then we will show you two examples which base "SayHello" but use ZK to replace JSF.

The examples in ZK are highly depend on ZK's Data Binding mechanism. You can learn more about Data Binding at ZK Developer's Reference: Data Binding and new feature of annotation for Data Binding in ZK 2.4 here

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