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This document describes ZK concepts, and most useful topics a developer may want to know. It is divided into the following parts:


Part A: Introduction

A warm-up, shows you ZK's charisma: Simply Rich.

Part B: Fundamental Concepts

ZK architecture overview and the core concepts of ZK.

Part C: Component Usage

Usage notes of most useful Component group by functional categories.

Part D: ZK in Depth

Features for easy developing Web App like desktop app, like Data-Binding, and many others.
Trickes you should know to fully utilize ZK's power.

Part E: Advanced ZK

Topics that may suited your particular need. Like Security, Performance tip.

Part F: Backend Framework

How ZK work with other backend frameworks, like JDBC, Hibernate, Spring.

Part G: Other UI Framework

How to migrate/integrate ZK with other UI framework like JSP, JSF, XHTML, even SWT

Part H: Other Environment

ZK can also run in mobile or portal.

We suggest you read Part A and Part B at least, catch the concepts and beauty of ZK. You should be able to start developing your own Web application. Then pick the rest chapter as you like or need.

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