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First of all, we have to define a data source as a data bean. In this example, we use Person class as an example that holds the information of a person, say, first name, and last name.

public class Person {
	private String _firstName = "";
	private String _lastName = "";

	// getter and setters
	public void setFirstName(String firstName) {
		_firstName = firstName;

	public String getFirstName() {
		return _firstName;

	public void setLastName(String lastName) {
		_lastName = lastName;

	public String getLastName() {
		return _lastName;

	public void setFullName(String f) {
		// do nothing.

	public String getFullName() {
		return _firstName + " " + _lastName;

Then, declare a data source in the page as follows,

	//prepare the example person object
	Person person = new Person();

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