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Firebug is a plugin for Firefox. You can use it to inspect how a ZK component is rendered into html, and what CSS is applying. For example, the following zul


When you open firebug, and inspect the textbox

Firebug 1.JPG

You can see the box is rendered to html as:

<input id="z_3r_1" class="z-textbox" type="text" z.mcls="z-textbox" z.type="zul.vd.Txbox"/>

And its relevant CSS part is:

.z-textbox, .z-decimalbox, .z-intbox, .z-longbox, .z-doublebox {normmoz.css.dsp (line 1)
background:#FFFFFF url(/zksTest/zkau/web/zul/img/grid/text-bg.gif) repeat-x scroll 0 0;
border:1px solid #7F9DB9;

You can modify it to see the effect.

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