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Variables defined in the namespace can be retrieved by use of the getVariable method.

On the other hand, variables defined in zscript is part of the interpret that interprets it. They are not a part of any namespace. In other words, you can not retrieve them by use of the getVariable method.

     var1 = 123; //var1 belongs to the interpreter, not any namespace
     page.getVariable("var1"); //returns null

Instead, you have to use getZScriptVariable to retrieve variables defined in zscript. Similarly, you can use getZScriptClass to retrieve classes and getZScriptFunction to retrieve methods defined in zscript. These methods will iterate through all loaded interpreters until the specified one is found.

If you want to search a particular interpreter, you can use the getInterpreter method to retrieve the interpreter first, as follows.

page.getInterpreter("JavaScript").getVariable("some"); //interpreter for JavaScript
page.getInterpreter(null).getVariable("some"); //interpreter for default language

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