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When an AU request failing, the default Client Engine implemetation will retry 3 times to resend it and ask for a confirming dialog to user.

Since ZK 6.5.2 release, we provide a way to developer to customize the error handling.

For example,

zAu.ajaxErrorHandler = function (req, status, statusText, ajaxReqTries) {
    if (ajaxReqTries == null)
        ajaxReqTries = 3; // retry 3 times
    // reset the resendTimeout, for more detail, please refer to 
    zk.resendTimeout = 2000;//wait 2 seconds to resend.
    if (!zAu.confirmRetry("FAILED_TO_RESPONSE", status+(statusText?": "+statusText:"")))
        return 0; // no retry;
    return ajaxReqTries;

For more detail on the arguments, please take a look at zAu.ajaxErrorHandler(Object, int, String, int)

Version History

Last Update : 2013/2/7

Version Date Content
6.5.2 February, 2013 AU response error can be handle by user

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