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If you prefer to Ajax-ize a dynamically generated HTML page (e.g., the output of a Velocity Servlet), you could use ZK Filter to process the generated page. The content of the generated page will be interpreted by ZK Filter as a ZUML document. Thus, please make sure the output is a valid ZUML document, such as it must be a valid XML. If the output is HTML, it must be a valid XHTML document.

To enable ZK Filter, you have to configure WEB-INF/web.xml, as shown below.


where url-pattern is the servlets that you would like ZK Filter to process.

The extension parameter (init-param) defines the language of the dynamical output. By default, it is html, since most of legacy servlet generates a HTML document. If the output is a ZUL document, you could specify zul as the extension.

Notice that, if you want to filter the output from include and/or forward, remember to specify the dispatcher element with REQUEST and/or INCLUDE. Consult the Java Servlet Specification for details. For example,


Performance Consideration for Filtering XHTML

If the extension is html (and the output is XHTML), it means each HTML tag will be converted to a XHTML component. It is convenient if you want to manipulate them dynamically. However, it costs more memory since ZK has to maintain the states of each HTML tags. Thus, it is suggested to use the native namespace for the portion whose content won't be changed dynamically.

ZK Filter versus UI Factory

ZK Filter is designed to handle the output of a legacy servlet. If you would like to load a ZUML document from resources other than Web pages, such as from the database, you could implement UiFactory. It is generally done by extending from AbstractUiFactory and overriding AbstractUiFactory.getPageDefinition(RequestInfo, String). For more information, please refer to ZK Configuration Reference.

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