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The implementation of a custom renderer for a Searchbox (ItemRenderer) is straightforward[1]:

public class FooItemRenderer implements org.zkoss.zul.ItemRenderer {
    public String render(Component owner, Object data, int index) throws Exception {
        return data.toString(); //converting data to a string; it depends on your application's requirement

Then, if we have a list model (ListModel) called users, and an instance of a custom renderer called userRenderer, then we can put them together in a ZUML document as follows:

<searchbox model="${users}" itemRenderer="${userRenderer}"/>

  1. For the concept about component, model and renderer, please refer to the Model-driven Display section.

Version History

Last Update : 2019/10/4

Version Date Content
9.0.0 September 2019 ZK-4380: Provide a Searchbox component

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