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In additions to composing your own window for displaying a message, ZK provide a simple utility: Messagebox[1]. For example,"The file has been removed successfully.");


If you could specify a different icon for difference scenario, such as alerting an error:"Unable to delete the file", null, 0, Messagebox.ERROR);


Another typical use is to confirm the users for a decision, such as"Are you sure you want to remove the file?", null,
   Messagebox.YES+Messagebox.NO, Messagebox.QUESTION,
   new EventListener<MouseEvent>() {
      public void onEvent(MouseEvent event) {
          if (Messagebox.ON_YES.equals(event.getName()))
             ;//delete the file

Notice that the invocation of show is returned immediately without waiting for user's clicks[2].

There are a lot of more utilities, such as the button's order and label. Please refer to ZK Component Reference: Messagebox and Messagebox for more information.

  1. If you are using zscript, there is a shortcut called alert as follows
    <button label="Show" onClick='alert("The file has been removed successfully.")'/>
  2. If you turned on the use of event thread, the invocation will be stalled until the user clicks a button. It is easier but threading is not cheap. For more information, please refer to the Event Threads section.

Close on Exceptions

When an exception happens inside a message box's event listener and handled by a ZK error page. The message box doesn't disappear, and it might cover the information on the error page. To avoid this, you can:

  • create a modal window in an error page, then the modal window will be on top of the message box.
  • catch an exception inside a message box's event listener and detach the message box.

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