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This section outlines the functionality in ZK JSP.

Functionalities List

This table shows the status of ZK JSP Tags implementation of ZK specification. The meaning of the status symbol is as bellow:

  • O means fully support.
  • X means not support.
  • * means partial support or supported in different way.
Topics Items ZK JSP Note
Implicit Objects applicationScope - java.util.Map O
arg - java.util.Map O
componentScope - java.util.Map O
desktop - org.zkoss.zk.ui.Desktop O
desktopScope - java.util.Map O
each - java.lang.Object * Use JSTL forEach instead
event - org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Event or derived O
forEachStatus – org.zkoss.zk.ui.util.ForEachStatus * Use JSTL forEach instead
page - org.zkoss.zk.ui.Page O
pageContext – org.zkoss.web.servlet.xel.PageContext O
pageScope - java.util.Map O
requestScope – java.util.Map O
self - org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component O
session - org.zkoss.zk.ui.Session O
sessionScope - java.util.Map O
spaceOwner - org.zkoss.zk.ui.IdSpace O
spaceScope - java.util.Map O
Processing Instruction The component Directive O
attributes class O
extend O
macroURI O
name O
moldURI O
moldname O
The evaluator Directive X
attributes class X
import X
The forward Directive * Not very useful because you can use

<JSP:forward> instead

attributes uri *
The import Directive * Not very useful because you can use

<JSP:include> to include a JSP page for setting purpose.

attributes uri *
directives *
The init Directive O
attributes class * Change to use attribute
zscript O
arg0,arg1... O
The link and meta Directive * Directly write them in JSP documents.
attributes href *
name0,name1... O
The page Directive * Implemented by tag:

<zk:page> contentType,docType and xml could be written directly on JSP document. The complete attribute is always false in JSP. The language attribute is very rare to change but also implemented.

attributes cacheable *
complete *
contentType *
docType *
id O
language O
style O
title O
xml *
zscriptLanguage O
The root-attributes Directive * Directly write it on JSP Document
attributes any-name *
The taglib Directive * Use JSP <%@taglib%> instead
attributes uri *
prefix *
The variable-resolver Directive O
attributes class * Change touse attribute
arg0,arg1... O
The xel-method Directive X
ZK Elements The XML Namespace * Use JSP instead
The attribute Element O
attributes name O
trim O
The custom-attribute Element O
attributes scope O
The variables Element O
attributes local X
The zk Element X Useless in JSP
The zscript Element O
attributes language O
deferred O
src O
ZK Attributes The apply Attribute O
The forEach Attribute * Use JSTL forEach tag
The forEachBegin Attribute * Use <c:forEach begin>
The forEachEnd Attribute * Use <c:forEach end>
The forward Attribute O
The fulfill Attribute X JSP Specification Violation
The if Attribute O
The unless Attribute O
The use Attribute O
ZK Components The XUL Components O
The XHTML Components * Use HTML directly

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