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Available in ZK Spreadsheet EE only


We can add, move, and delete a picture of a Spreadsheet with Range API:

public Picture addPicture(SheetAnchor anchor,byte[] image,Format format);

public void movePicture(SheetAnchor anchor,Picture picture);

public void deletePicture(Picture picture);

A picture is a simple object that you can only get its ID and position. Current supported picture formats are listed in Picture.Format which include EMF, WMF, PICT, JPEG, PNG, and DIB.

The SheetAnchor represents a picture's position on a sheet. When adding or moving a picture, you must provide one SheetAnchor to assign a picture's position. You can create a SheetAnchor by passing 4 index numbers, left top corner's and right bottom's row and column of an image. After you add a picture, you will get the newly-created Picture object. You had better store it somewhere you can retrieve it back later if you plan to delete or move it. Otherwise, you can only get them from a Sheet method:

	public List<Picture> getPictures();

Then, use its ID or position to identify a picture.

If you think passing byte array of an image is troublesome for you, you can use AImage. It has several convenient constructors to create a object for an image like:

AImage image = new AImage(WebApps.getCurrent().getResource("/zklogo.png"));

Then, you can pass AImage to SheetOperationUtil to add a picture:

	public static void addPicture(Range range, AImage image);

This method will create a SheetAnchor internally based on the image's size. .


The screenshot below is a application that can add, move and delete a picture.


If we click "Add", it will add a ZK logo picture and update picture items in the Listbox on the top right corner. Select a picture item in the listbox, enter destination row and column index in 2 Intboxes, then click "Move". The selected picture will be moved to specified position. The "Delete" button will delete the selected picture.

Notice that there are 5 columns in the Listbox on the top right corner which display information about pictures we add. The ID is a picture's ID generated automatically by Spreadsheet. The row and column represents a picture's position of the left top corner in 0-based index and the last row and last column represents symmetric position of a picture (right bottom corner). For example, in the screenshot, the leftmost picture whose ID is "rid1_1", its left top corner is at "B7" represented in column index "1" and row index "6". Its right bottom corner is at "C12" represented in column index "11" and row index "2". These position information is stored in SheetAnchor. When adding or moving a picture, you must provide one SheetAnchor to assign a picture's position. The SheetOperationUtil provides methods to simplify this.

Let's see this application's controller codes:

public class PictureComposer extends SelectorComposer<Component> {

	private Intbox toRowBox;
	private Intbox toColumnBox;
	private Spreadsheet ss;
	private Listbox pictureListbox;
	private ListModelList<Picture> pictureList = new ListModelList<Picture>();

	@Listen("onClick = #addButton")
	public void addByUtil() {
		Range selection = Ranges.range(ss.getSelectedSheet(), ss.getSelection());
				new AImage(WebApps.getCurrent().getResource("/zklogo.png")));
		}catch(IOException e){
			System.out.println("cannot add a picture for "+ e);
	@Listen("onClick = #deleteButton")
	public void deleteByUtil() {
		if (pictureListbox.getSelectedItem() != null){
	@Listen("onClick = #moveButton")
	public void moveByUtil(){
		if (pictureListbox.getSelectedItem() != null){
					toRowBox.getValue(), toColumnBox.getValue());
	private void refreshPictureList(){

All source code listed in this book is at Github.

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