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Available in ZK Spreadsheet EE only


There is only one hyperlink event that ZK Spreadsheet supports.


This event is fired when a user clicks a hyperlink in a cell. A browser will open the specified hyperlink and send the event to a server. When a corresponding event listener is invoked, a CellHyperlinkEvent object is passed as an argument.

Event Monitor Example

The Event Monitor application's screenshot when we click the link in A7.


public class EventsComposer extends SelectorComposer<Component>{
	//omitted codes...

	@Listen("onCellHyperlink = #ss")
	public void onCellHyperlink(CellHyperlinkEvent event){
		StringBuilder info = new StringBuilder();
		info.append("Hyperlink ").append(event.getType())
			.append(" on : ")
			.append(", address : ").append(event.getAddress());
		//show info...

  • Line 11: We can get the clicked hyperlink address.

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