Component Attributes

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Component Attributes

The Calendar Component

ZK Calendar is a single ZK component. Developers can put it within any ZK container component, such as <window/>, <tabbox/>, or <groupbox/>, etc.

For example:

<window title="Bare ZK Calendar" border="normal">
	<calendars />

If you don't specify an attribute on <calendars/>, Calendars will just run with the default values.

Component Attributes

Developers can customize the calendars component by its attributes in a zul.


Default: 7

Sets the days displayed in the default mold, that is, how many columns will be displayed.


Default: false

If it's true, an end-user cannot create, edit, or move an item on the Calendars.


Default: Sunday

Determine the first day of a week to be displayed on the calendar.


Supported values:

  • default: displays date/time of one week in a grid style. The column headers are "days" and row headers are "time".
  • month: displays the days in a month.

The Default Mold

In the default mold, the content of the calendar is separated into two parts. The main component area is where date time events are displayed and the top of the Calendar component is used to display the daylong event.

ZKCalEss Default mold.jpg

The Month Mold

In the month mold, the content of each day has no background color, the text is colored and the item over one day has a background color with white text. When using the month mold, each row represents one week.

ZKCalEss Month mold.jpg

By just changing one attribute ZK affords us exceptional power. But how do we change this attribute? The next section explains how.


Default: java.util.TimeZone.getDefault()

The Calendar can display 1 or multiple time zones according to what you specify below. Then the first time zone you specify will be the Calendar's default time zone.

<calendars timeZone="Finland=GMT+2, Taiwan=GMT+8"/>

width , height

Set the size of the component, for example:

<calendars width="400px" height="600px"/>


Default: 0

Supported Value: an integer between 0 - 23

Sets the beginning hour of a day.

<calendars beginTime="8"/>


default: false

Determine whether to show the week number of one year.

Add Application Logic

If you want to add, remove, or show items on a Calendars, please read Implementing Event Listeners.

The example project is at Github

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