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"More Event" Link

If there is not enough space to show events in one day, Calendar will show a "more event" link:


The default text is from a javascript object.

msgcal.dayMORE = "+{0} more";
msgcal.monthMORE = "+{0} more";

To provide a different locale of text or override the text, you need to create a javascript file and load it. For example,


zk.afterLoad('calendar', function() {
    msgcal = {};
    msgcal.dayMORE = "+{0} 事件";
    msgcal.monthMORE = "+{0} 事件";

Then load the script with land-addon.xml

Date Format in Captions

You can change the date format in captions by your own implementation. There are several ways:

Extend SimpleDateFormatter

Extending the internal default implementation SimpleDateFormatter allows you to override part of captions.

Implement DateFormatter interface

If you like to start from scratch, you can implement ZonedDateTimeFormatter or DateFormatter interface which requires 5 methods to be implemented. These are as follows:

Method Usage
getCaptionByDayOfWeek Returns the caption of the day of week.
getCaptionByTimeOfDay Returns the caption of the time of day.
getCaptionByDate Returns the caption of the date.
getCaptionByDateOfMonth Returns the caption of the date of month.
getCaptionByPopup Returns the caption of the popup title.

Each method enables us to customize the appearance of the calendar at any opportunity. Implementing an interface such as this is excellent if you require fine-grained control.

Applying a Customized DateFormatter

To make use of a customized DateFormatter implementation, there are 2 ways:

By Java

calendar.setDateFormatter(new MyDateFormatter());


<calendars dateFormatter="org.zkoss.calendar.essentials.MyDateFormatter"/>

The example project is at Github

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