Implementing Event Listeners

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Implementing Event Listeners

Event Listener

ZK supports to add an event listener on zul or in Java, please refer to ZK Developer's Reference/Event Handling/Event Listening.

Supported Events

Since 3.0.0

The ZK Calendar will fire events below:

Icon info.png Notice: Event names change since version 3.0.0


This event is triggered when a user clicks an empty cell in the time cell.


Event name in 2.1: ON_EVENT_CREATE (onEventCreate)


This event is triggered when a user clicks on an existing calendar item.


Event name in 2.1: ON_EVENT_EDIT(onEventEdit)


This event is triggered when a user drags to change a calendar item's time span or drags to move the item to a different date.


Event name in 2.1: ON_EVENT_UPDATE(onEventUpdate)


ZK will call your event listener method with an CalendarsEvent as a parameter when one of the supported events is triggered. So you should declare your method signature like:

    @Listen(CalendarsEvent.ON_ITEM_CREATE + " = #calendars")
    public void showCreationBox(CalendarsEvent event) {...}

Then you can call getBeginDate(), getEndDate(),or getCalendarItem() to implement your application logic. Please refer to javadoc for complete methods and their details.

The example project is at Github

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