Changing Chart Configuration

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Changing Chart Configuration

ZK Charts provides a set of comprehensive API for chart initial configuration, you can change the configuration very easily by simply calling API. For example, if we want to change the title's configuration, we can call chart.getTitle() method to get the Title class then modify its attributes as below:

    // Get the title option of chart
    Title title = chart.getTitle();

    // Set some attributes
    title.setText("It's a title");

Of course you can also create a new Title class and assign it to chart:

    // Create a new Title
    Title title = new Title();

    // Set some attributes
    title.setText("Yet another title");

    // Assign title to chart

The API Corresponding to Highcharts Options

Since Highcharts is the client-side widget ZK Charts integrates, we design ZK Charts' API according to Highcharts options. ZK Charts has corresponding Java APIs (getter/setter) for most Hightcharts options.

For example, assuming the option below you want to use is:

Highcharts option:


Corresponding ZK Charts API

Each option has a getter and setter Java API in zkcharts:

  • getter: chart.getPlotOptions().getLine().isEnableMouseTracking()
  • setter: chart.getPlotOptions().getLine().setEnableMouseTracking(false)

So you can check Highcharts configuration options first for an option's function then call the corresponding Java API.

Please see Highcharts API reference for complete options and its description.

Supported Version

Please remember to check which Highcharts version is available for an option.


You can know the version of Highcharts bundled in ZK Charts by checking chart.wpd in a developer tool. (search Highcharts)


Use addExtraAttr() for Options without Setter

If you find there is a Highcharts option without a corresponding ZK Charts API, you still can set the option with addExtraAttr() method. For example, there is an option series / fillOpacity without a setter available.


Thus, you can set it like:

public class OptionsWithouApiComposer extends SelectorComposer<Window> {

    Charts chart;
    private float opacity = 0.5f;

    public void doAfterCompose(Window comp) throws Exception {
        //omitted code
        chart.getSeries().addExtraAttr("fillOpacity", new AnyVal<Float>(opacity));

Another example:

chart.getPlotOptions().getColumnRange().addExtraAttr("grouping", new AnyVal<Boolean>(false));

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