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<javascript-module name="name" version="version"/>

It specifies the version of a JavaScript module. The specified version will be associated with the URL used to load Javascript packages (such as zul.db.wpd), such that the browser will reload them if the version is changed.

The name is either a package or the prefix of it. It matches any package that starts with the given name. For example,

<javascript-module name="foo" version="1.5.0"/>

Then, it matches the packages named foo,, foo.another or foo.any.subpkg.

If you have multiple packages that don't share the same prefix, you could specify multiple <javascript-module>.


The name of the module. It should be the package name or the prefix of all packages it contains.


The version of the module. Notice it cannot contain slash, and it must be legal to be part of URL. It is suggested to limit the use of number, alphabet, dash and dot.

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