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<function class="foo.MyClass" singature="java.lang.String funcName(Class0, Class1)"/>

Specifies a static method (aka., a function) that should be called when a WPD file is interpreted. The returned string will be generated directly to the output. In other words, it must be a valid JavaScript code snippet.


<package name="zul.lang" cacheable="false">
	<script src="msgzul*.js"/>
	<function class="org.zkoss.zul.impl.Utils"
		signature="java.lang.String outLocaleJavaScript()"/>



The name of the class where the static method is declared.



The signature of the static method. The return type has to be a string and the return value should be a valid JavaScript code snippet.

The method might have arbitrary numbers of arguments. WPD will check the type of each argument and assign a proper value if possible. The following is the type WPD recognized:

Argument Type Value
javax.servlet.ServletRequest and derives The current request.
javax.servlet.ServletResponse and derives The current response.
javax.servlet.ServletContext The current servlet context.
Others null

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