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The language-addon contains a description of the relation between the component and widget referred to as the component definition. The path of the file must be /metainfo/zk/lang-addon.xml and be located in the Java class path.


The table below describes the elements used within the above XML and their descriptions.

Name Description
addon-name A unique name for this addon
annotation Annotation setting for Data Binding
language-name The language name that this addon belongs to (for instance, xul/html or zhtml)
component-name A unique name of the component in the language of this addon
component-class The name of the component class (Java class)
widget-class The name of the widget class (JavaScript class)
mold A mold definition (optional)
mold-name The name of the mold. The default mold is named default.
mold-uri The URI of the mold
css-uri The URI of the CSS file for the mold

A component may have multiple molds which may or may not have different widget classes. To handle this you may specify the <widget-class> inside <mold>. You can specify more than one mold.

After creating the component descriptor language-addon we need to create the widget package descriptor.

For more information, please refer to ZK Client-side Reference: Language Definition.

Last Update : 2022/04/19

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