Handling Events

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The next logical step is to add an event to our ZK component. For this we are going to add some more functionality to the SimpleLabel. A new div will be added which when clicked should clear the displayed text and fire a custom event named onClear.

This means that firstly we need to change the mold of the label to include a div which can be used as a target. The code below satisfies this requirement:

function (out) {
 out.push('<span', this.domAttrs_(), '><div id="value" style="float:left;">', this.getValue(), '</div><div id="target" style="float:left;cursor: pointer; cursor: hand;height:20px;width:20px;background-color:red;"></div></span>');

As you can see we have now split the contents of label into two by introducing two div tags, one will be used to display the value and the other will be a click target.

Last Update : 2011/08/10

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