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Since 9.5.0

  • Available for ZK:
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Label a Component

To name a component with ARIA attribute by adding the aria-label client attribute to the component, please refer to ZK_Developer's_Reference/Accessibility#Specify_ARIA_Attributes

Keyboard Support

ArrowUp / ArrowDown / ArrowLeft / ArrowRight Navigate the date.
Enter / Spacebar Select the date.
PageUp / PageDown Since 10.0.0 Navigate the month.
Shift+PageUp / Shift+PageDown Since 10.0.0 Navigate the year.

Calendar Day AriaLabel Renderer

This is achieved by overriding the default renderer at the client to customize the aria-label of days on ZK's Calendar.

		zk.afterLoad('zul.db', function(){
			zul.db.Renderer.cellAriaLabel = function (cal, y, m, day, monthofs, dayofweek) {
				var localizedSymbols = cal.getLocalizedSymbols();
				return day + ' ' + localizedSymbols.FMON[m] + ', ' + y; // dd MMMM, yyyy
[Since 9.5.0]