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A tabpanel is the body of a single tab panel. You would place the content for a group of components within a tab panel. The first tabpanel corresponds to the first tab, the second tabpanel corresponds to the second tab and so on.


ZKComRef Containers Tabs.PNG

	<tabbox width="400px">
			<tab label="Tab 1" />
			<tab label="Tab 2" />
			<tabpanel>This is panel 1</tabpanel>
			<tabpanel>This is panel 2</tabpanel>
	<space />
	<tabbox width="400px" mold="accordion">
			<tab label="Tab 3" />
			<tab label="Tab 4" />
			<tabpanel>This is panel 3</tabpanel>
			<tabpanel>This is panel 4</tabpanel>

Supported Events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children


Use Cases

Version Description Example Location
3.6 How to put a scrollbar inside a tabpanel
3.6 How to make a tabpanel loaded on demand

See also: Tabbox

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