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An element, much like a button, is placed on a menu bar. When the user clicks the menu element, the child Menupopup of the menu will be displayed. This element is also used to create submenus of Menupopup.


ZKComRef Menu.png

 <menu label="File">
         <menuitem label="New" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
         <menuitem label="Open" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
         <menuitem label="Save" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>
         <menuitem label="Exit" onClick="alert(self.label)"/>



If we take a look at the screenshot of the Menu below both the right hand side and left hand side have been outlined in red. Clicking the arrow on the right hand side will show the menu whereas clicking the main button (the left hand side) will fire the onClick event. The red outline is used to highlight the clickable areas of the Menu.

ZKComRef Menu onClick.png

The code to register an onClick event is shown below:

	<menu label="Topmost" onClick='alert(1);'>
			<menuitem label="test"/>

Supported Events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children

* Menupopup

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