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A container is used to display menus. It should be placed inside a Menu.

Supported event: onOpen.

Note: to have better performance, onOpen is sent only if non-deferrable event listener is registered (see Deferrable).

To load the content dynamically, you can listen to the onOpen event, and then create menuitem when OpenEvent.isOpen() is true.

Default HtmlBasedComponent.getSclass(): menupopup.


ZKComRef Menubar.png

<menubar id="menubar">
	<menu label="File">
		<menupopup onOpen="alert(">
			<menuitem label="New" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
			<menuitem label="Open" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
			<menuitem label="Save" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
			<menuseparator />
			<menuitem label="Exit" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
	<menu label="Help">
			<menuitem label="Index" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
			<menu label="About">
					<menuitem label="About ZK" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
					<menuitem label="About Potix" onClick="alert(self.label)" />

Toggle Menupopup

 Since 7.0.1

If you assign a menupopup to a target component and add type=toggle to its popup or context attribute, it will toggle the visibility of menupopup by click. That means if you click the target component, it will cause the menupopup to show up, click on the target component again will hide the menupopup.

<button label="left click" popup="mp, type=toggle"/>
<menupopup id="mp">
	<menuitem label="menupopup"/>

Supported Events

Event Type
None None
  • Inherited Supported Events: Popup

Supported Children

* Menu ,  Menuitem ,  Menuseparator

Use Cases

Version Description Example Location

Version History

Last Update : 2013/12/10

Version Date Content
7.0.1 Dec 2013 Menupopup support toggle type

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