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A Colorbox used to retrieve an input that the user can select a color.


ZKComRef Colorbox Examples.PNG

<colorbox color="#FFFFFF" />

Key control

Since 6.0.0

Pressing left, right, up, or down arrow keys to change the selected color.

Colorbox in Menu

By setting content attribute of <menu> to create a colorbox in menu.

ZKComRef Colorbox Examples2.PNG

    <menubar id="menubar" width="100%">
        <menu label="Color" iconSclass="z-icon-binoculars">
                <menuitem label="Index" onClick="alert(self.label)" />
                <menu label="Color Picker" content="#color=#184dc6"/>

Supported Events

Event Type
Event: InputEvent

Notifies the application with the onChange event if its content is changed

Supported Children


Use Cases

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