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A selection box for holding a time (a java.util.Date Object) , but only Hour, Minute, and Second are used.


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Integrate Moment.js

Since 8.5.1 The JavaScript widgets including Datebox,Timebox,Timepicker rely on moment.js and moment-timezone.js to handle time zone information more accurately.

To check the included moment.js version, enter zk.mm.version in the browser developer console tab.



Use a to signify it is am or pm. The input string follows the formatting of the SimpleDateFormat.

Below is an example of using a within the format.

	<window title="Test">
		<timepicker format="a hh:mm:ss"/>

Template:Versionsince In addition to specifying the format explicitly, you could specify the styling. There are two different types of styling: short, and medium (representing the styling of java.text.DateFormat). For example, you could specify the styling rather than the real format as follows.

<timepicker format="short"/>
<timepicker format="medium"/>

Then the real format of the timepicker will be decided at run time depending the configuration. For more information, please refer to ZK Developer's Reference: Date and Time Formatting.

Minimum Time

By default, the options of timepicker start at 0:00 AM, you could specify another minimum time by using a java.util.Date Object.

	import java.util.Date;
	Date min = new Date();
<timepicker format="HH:mm a" min="${min}" />

Maximum Time

By default, the options of timepicker end before 12:00 AM, you could specify another maximum time by using a java.util.Date Object.

	import java.util.Date;
	Date max = new Date();
<timepicker format="HH:mm a" max="${max}" />


By default, the interval of the options in timepicker is one hour, you could specify the interval by using an integer (unit: 1 second).

<timepicker format="HH:mm a" interval="600" />

Inherited Functions

Please refer to FormatInputElement for inherited functions.

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