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A container component that can contain any other ZK component and can only be contained as direct child of Absolutelayout component. It can be absolutely positioned within Absolutelayout component by either setting "x" and "y" attribute or calling setX(int) and setY(int) methods.


ZKComRef Absolutelayout Example.png

<?component name="window" extends="window" border="normal" width="300px" height="300px"?>
		<absolutechildren id="w1" x="60" y="100">
			<window title="X=60, Y=100">
			Window 1
		<absolutechildren id="w2" x="160" y="200">
			<window title="X=60, Y=100">
			Window 2
		<absolutechildren id="w3" x="260" y="300">
			<window title="X=60, Y=100">
			Window 3

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Last Update : 2022/01/07

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6.0.0 October 4, 2011 Add the new Absolutechildren component

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