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Since 9.0.0


Linelayout is a component for displaying chronological information in a flexible and easy way; in addition to static data it also support ListModel. Linelayout only accept Lineitem as its child.

A Linelayout is composed of three parts: first area, line area and last area. The first and last areas are the containers for the content, and the line area contains the line and the point.

Browser Support

  • This component is based on CSS Flexbox and is compatible with browsers that support CSS Flexbox such as IE11+, Chrome and Firefox. Please check browser compatibility before using it.


    ListModel model = new ListModelList(new String[] {
  <linelayout model="${model}">
    <template name="model">
        <button label="${each}"></button>



Whether the linelayout displays vertically or horizontally. The default value is "vertical".

  <linelayout orient="horizontal" lineStyle="background:rgba(0,0,0,0.5)" >
      <label>8 am</label>
      <button>good morning</button>
    <lineitem opposite="true" pointIconSclass="z-icon-plus-circle" pointStyle="background: #FF4051">
      <label>12 pm</label>
      <button>lunch time</button>
      <label>6 pm</label>
      <button>dinner time</button>
    <lineitem opposite="true">
      <label>10 pm</label>
      <button>good night</button>


The CSS inline style for the line.


The scale of space occupied by the first area. The default value is 1, you can change the position of the line by adjusting this property. For example, set firstScale as 1 and lastScale as 3 in a vertical linelayout, the line will be rendered a quarter away from the left boundary since the space ratio becomes 1:3..


The scale of space occupied by the last area, the default value is 1.

Please refer to FirstScale.

Supported Events

Event Type
None None

Supported Children

* Lineitem

Version History

Last Update : 2022/05/03

Version Date Content
9.0.0 Nov 2019 ZK-4377: Provide a Linelayout component

Last Update : 2022/05/03

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