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A frozen component to represent frozen "columns" in a Grid or a Listbox, like MS Excel. Specify the start attribute to define the horizontal scroll starting position.


ZKComRef Frozen Example.png
<grid width="600px">
	<frozen columns="2" start="1"/>
		<column width="50px">ID</column>
		<column width="50px">Priority</column>
		<column width="50px">Status</column>
		<column width="150px">Summary</column>
		<column width="250px">Detail</column>
		<column width="100px">Group</column>
		<column width="50px">Assign</column>
			<cell>Fix login issue</cell>
			<cell>Login does not work at all</cell>
			<cell>Button style broken</cell>
			<cell>Check main.css</cell>
			<cell>Client search result</cell>
			<cell>Search service returns incomplete result</cell>

Scroll to Hide Columns

By default, Grid will render extra space (larger width) after the last column. So that you can drag to hide all columns except the last one.


Frozen on the Right

  • Available for ZK:
  • ee.png

Since 8.6.2

Make columns frozen at the right-hand side.

	<frozen rightColumns="1"/>

Supported Events

Event Type
None None

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