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SwipeEvent Support

Each layout region can support to close and open the region area by user's swipe on the edge of the region with client/attribute.

<borderlayout xmlns:ca="client/attribute" ca:data-swipeable="true">
<!-- omitted -->

Borderlayout Tablet Swipe Example.png

Friendly Scrolling Support

When user swipe on the content of Layout Region from Borderlayout, the friendly scrollbar will appear. To enable the friendly scrollbar, please specify autoscroll to true.

For example,

<west title="West" size="20%" autoscroll="true" />

Borderlayout Tablet Scrolling Example.png

Note: to disable the friendly scrollbar, please use the following setting.

<west autoscroll="false"/>

Version History

Version Date Content
6.5.0 July, 2012 Borderlayout support touch's swipe event to close/open the layout region

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