Unsupported Molds

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Unsupported Molds

The following molds which are not supported in components for tablet devices.

  • Button's os and trendy mold
  • Bandbox's rounded mold
  • Combobox's rounded mold
  • Datebox's rounded mold
  • Doublespinner's rounded mold
  • Spinner's rounded mold
  • Timebox's rounded mold
  • Decimalbox's rounded mold
  • Doublebox's rounded mold
  • Intbox's rounded mold
  • Longbox's rounded mold
  • Textbox's rounded mold
  • Groupbox's default mold
  • Slider's scale mold
  • Splitter's os mold
  • Tabbox's accordion-lite mold

Note: When using the molds above, the component will use default supported mold instead.

Version History

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6.5.0 July, 2012  

Last Update : 2022/01/07

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