The language-config Element

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The language-config Element



It specifies the additional language addons and/or definitions.

The use is the same as ZK Configuration Reference/zk.xml/The language-config Element, except it is specified in a JAR file's config.xml rather than WEB-INF/zk.xml.

Notice that the URI is related to the class path, such as /metainfo/zk/lang-fb.xml. In addition, /metainfo/zk/lang.xml and /metainfo/zk/lang-addon.xml are always loaded, no matter if this element is specified in config.xml.

Since config.xml is parsed before a Web application has been initialized, you could specify the URI related to the resources of a Web application.

Version History

Last Update : 2022/01/19

Version Date Content
5.0.7 May 2011 The language-config element was allowed in config.xml.

Last Update : 2022/01/19

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