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Dndsmalltalk-check-icon.png globally in zk.xml via <library-property>
Dndsmalltalk-cross-icon.png not as <custom-attribute>
Default: true
[Since 3.6.3]

It specifies whether to allow the browsers to cache so-called class Web resources[1].

By default, it is true. It means the static class Web resources are cached in browsers if possible, unless you upgrade ZK to a different version.

Notice the you can control the immutable period of the CSS files of class Web resources with
another property called org.zkoss.web.classWebResource.cache.CSS.hours.

If you are developing a component, it is better to turn it off (so you can force browser to load modified CSS and JS files by pressing F5).


  1. Class Web resources are resources that can be loaded by use of "~./*".

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