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Dndsmalltalk-check-icon.png globally in zk.xml via <library-property>
Dndsmalltalk-check-icon.png nested in a zul file via <custom-attributes>
Default: 100
[Since 5.0.8]

Specifies the number of rows rendered when the Grid first render. It is used only for live data (Grid.setModel(ListModel)) but not paging (Grid.getPagingChild()).

If you prefer to configure a particular component, you could specify it as the custom attribute of the component or any of its ancestor components.

  <custom-attributes org.zkoss.zul.grid.initRodSize="30"/>

Version History

Last Update : 2016/07/07

Version Date Content
5.0.8 June 2011 Add a custom attributes "org.zkoss.zul.grid.initRodSize" for control ROD render size.
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