The resend-delay Element

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The resend-delay Element


[Default: -1[1]]
[Deprecated as of release 6.0.0]

It specifies the time, in milliseconds, to wait before resending the AU requests to the server. There are a couple of reasons an AU request is not received by the server. For example, though rarely, Internet Explorer 6 sometimes won't send the package at all. To ensure the reliability, ZK will abort the previous request and then resend the request, if the specified delay expires.

  1. The default is 9000 if ZK 5.0.3 EE or prior is used.
Version Date Content
5.0.4 July, 2010 resend-delay is default to -1 (i.e., disabled by default) no matter ZK CE or EE.
6.0.0 November, 2011 The feature is removed and the setting has no effect, since we can't replicate IE6 issue anymore (after using a more conservative approach to send an Ajax request)

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