The theme-uri Element

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[Default: none]

It specifies the URI of an addition theme (aka., a style sheet file).

Like other URI, it accepts * for loading browser and Locale dependent style sheet. Please refer to ZK Developer's Reference for more details.

You can specify any number of them-uri as follows.


If you want to replace a default theme, you have to use theme-uri with disable-theme-uri. Please refer to ZK Developer's Reference for more information.


  1. All style sheets defined in lang.xml and lang-addon.xml are loaded, no matter this parameter is defined or not. It is convenient for developers to override certain styles.
  2. Each JAR could specify a lang-addon.xml file (under the metainfo/zk directory), so you can specify style sheets there if you have more than one style sheets.
  3. You can specify extra CSS files for individual ZUML pages by the use of the style component.

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