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    <name>any name</name>
    <value>any value</value>


    <name>any name</name>
        <value>any value 1</value>
        <value>any value 2</value>

Species a library-level property with the library-property element. The above example is equivalent to

org.zkoss.lang.Library.setProperty("any name", "any value");


org.zkoss.lang.Library.addProperties("any name", List<String> values);

When "appendable" equals "true", it would add to the library properties of specific name rather then replace all of them. And "appendable" is "false" by default, .

The library properties are shared by all Java codes that use the same set of ZK libraries. If you installed ZK libraries in WEB-INF/ib of a ZK application, the library properties can only be shared within the application.

The library properties are easier to access than preferences since they are static members (of Library). However, their scope depends on the installation. If you copy zcommon.jar to a folder that are shared by all applications, then the library properties are shared by all applications. If you copy it to WEB-INF/lib for a particular application, then the scope is limited to the application.

For a list of supported library properties, please take a look at Library Properties.

Version History

Version Date Content
8.0.2 May 24, 2016 Support "name" - "list" and "appendable"

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