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[Since ZK 7.0.0 deprecated to enable the event thread according to Java Servlet Specification that may prohibit the creation of new threads]
[Default: true (disabled) for ZK 5 ad later; false (enabled) for ZK 2.x and 3x]

It specifies whether to disable the use of the event processing thread. If disabled, no event processing thread will be used at all. In other words, all events are processed in the same thread that serves HTTP request (so called Servlet thread) directly.

For better performance (and better compatible with other frameworks), it is recommended to disable the use of the event processing thread. For more information, please refer to ZK Developer's Reference: Event Threads.

Enable the event thread only if the project does not need to integrate other frameworks (such as Spring), uses Messagebox and modal windows a lot, and does not have a lot of concurrent users.

Version History

Last Update : 2013/11/13

Version Date Content
7.0.0 November, 2013 Deprecated to enable event thread.

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