The ui-factory-class Element

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The ui-factory-class Element


[Default: SimpleUiFactory]

It specifies which class is used to create desktops and pages, and to convert URL to a page definition. The class must have a default constructor (without any argument), and implement the UiFactory interface.

One instance of the UI factory is created and shared for each Web application, so you have to synchronize the access properly.

A common use is to load page definitions and other UI information from the database, rather than from the resources of the Web application.

In addition, you might use it to implement a controller in a MVC model, such that it creates the correct desktop based on the request URL.

Available implementations are as follows.

SimpleUiFactory The default UI factory. The sessions generated by this factory is not serializable
SerializableUiFactory The sessions generated by this factory is serializable. If you want to store sessions when the Web server is shutdown and restore them after it started, you can specify this implementation.

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