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Since 8.5.0

  • Available for ZK:
  • http://www.zkoss.org/product/zkhttp://www.zkoss.org/whyzk/zkeeVersion ee.png

By default, ZK communicates with a server in XMLHttpRequest or Fetch API asynchronously. Now you can switch to WebSocket. Then WebSocketEndPoint handles ping/pong messages from and to the client. This feature works only for browsers that support WebSocket natively.

To enable WebSocket connection, add the following listener into zk.xml


To change the URL pattern, please refer to this library property.

When WebSocket connection is enabled, ZK will use WebSocketServerPush by default when server-push started.

Note that we cannot guarantee the accessing of the information provided by HTTP requests when a WebSocket connection is enabled.

Last Update : 2022/04/13

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