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Target: Command method's parameter

Purpose: Tell binder to retrieve this parameter with specified key from binding argument on the ZUL.

The annotation is applied to command method's parameter. It declares the applied parameter should come from binding argument written on the ZUL with specified key.


Command binding that pass parameters

		<listbox model="@load(vm.items)" selectedItem="@bind(vm.selected)" hflex="true" height="300px">
				<listheader label="Name"/>
				<listheader label="Price" align="center" />
				<listheader label="Quantity" align="center"  />
			<template name="model" var="item">
				<listitem onMouseOver="@command('popupMessage', myKey='myValue', content=item.description)">
					<listcell label="@bind(item.name)"/>
					<listcell label="@bind(item.price)"/>
					<listcell label="@bind(item.quantity)"/>

Command method in ViewModel with binding parameter

	public void popupMessage(@BindingParam("myKey")String target, @BindingParam("content")String content){
  • The target's value is "myValue", and content's is object item's description property.

Version History

Last Update : 2022/01/12

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6.0.0 February 2012 The MVVM was introduced.

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