Eclipse with ZK Studio

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Eclipse with ZK Studio

Install Eclipse

  1. Visit Eclipse download page and download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
  2. Uncompress it to a proper directory
  3. Then, eclipse is ready to start.
    • For example, you could double-click eclipse.exe to start Eclipse under Windows.

Install ZK Studio

Follow ZK Studio Installation Guide to install ZK Studio.

Defining a Server Runtime

Before deploying and testing your application, you have to install a Web server (such as Tomcat) and specify the server in eclipse. For information of installing a server, please refer to ZK Installation Guide/Setting up Servers/Tomcat.

To specify the server in eclipse, please do as follows.

  1. From menu goto Windows > Preferences...
  2. Select Server > Runtime Environments, then click Add
  3. Select Apache > Apache Tomcat v6.0 and click Next
  4. Browse to and select the root directory of the Web server installed in your computer
    • For example, the root directory of Apache Tomcat might be C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0
    • For how to install Tomcat, please refer to this section
  5. Click Finish

Create and Run Your First ZK Application

After installing Eclipse and ZK Studio, please take a look at Create and Run Your First ZK Application with Eclipse and ZK Studio.

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