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IBM WebSphere

  1. IBM offers a websphere application server community edition. Please go to http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/ws/wasce/?S_TACT=105AGX10&S_CMP=WASCE to download it.
  2. Follow the instruction to download, you might need to register for an account if you don't already have one.
  3. Under downloads, choose Server and 32bit IBM SDK 1.4.2 SR4-1, procees to download.
  4. Start the installer and accepts all defaults.
  5. Once installation is completed, go to All Programs->IBM Websphere->Application Server->Profiles->Default->Start the Server, this will start the server.
  6. Browse http://localhost:9060/ibm/console/secure/logon.do to deploy application
  7. After deployed, applications can be access via http://localhost:9080/myapp
  8. For additional documentation and tutorials, go to http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/wasce/Front_en.html

ZK supports Servlet 2.3, 2.4 and later. The only difference is the content of WEB-INF/web.xml is a little bit different. Please refer to Sample of web.xml and Sample of web.xml for Servlet 2.3.

IBM WebSphere 7

Import war file

1. Applications -> Application Types -> WebSphere enterprise applications -> Click install button Wb7-step1-installApplication.png 2. Select war file to import Wb7-step2-importWarFile.png 3. Select Fast Path Wb7-step3-fastPath.png 4. Go through Steps, in Step 4, input Context Root Wb7-step4-goThroughSteps-setRoot.png 5. Save configuration Wb7-step5-save.png 6. Start application Wb7-step6-startApplication.png

Find web application port

1. Servers -> Server Types -> WebSphere application servers -> Click "server1" Wb7-checkApplicationPort-1.png 2. Communcations -> Click on "Ports" Wb7-checkApplicationPort-2.png 3. Check WC_defaulthost Wb7-checkApplicationPort-3.png

View Web application


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